Aleksej G.


General Information

  • Location  Ukraine
  • Category  PHP
  • Language English, Ukrainian, russian
  • Total Years of Experience 4

Technical skills:

Operating Systems: Linux(Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu), Windows, Windows Server; DBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite;

Version control: Git (GitHub, GitLab, Gitea self-hosted);

Languages: PHP, JavaScript+HTML+CSS, Python, Rust;

Tools, IDEs, Services: PHPStorm, Navicat, VSCode, Nginx + PHP-FPM, Apache, TimeCamp, Trello, Jira, MS To-Do, MS OneNote; API, libraries, and frameworks: Pure PHP, SOLID, MVC, Laravel, Yii, Triumph framework, API, GraphQL, WebSocket, Queues, OpenCart, WordPress.

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