Michael K


General Information

I had experience in backend, frontend, and mobile development in such areas as finances, streaming, and MLOps. 

All of the above gave me a wonderful experience, for which I gladly paid with my involvement and insight, both in finding and solving problems and suggesting new ideas, and implementing them. 


Python: Django (DRF) | FastAPI | Graphene(GraphQL) | Flask | Celery 

JS/TS/Node: Vue.js | Vuetify | Nest.js 

Go: Gin | gorm | SQLc | NSQ | gRPC 

Infrastructure: Docker | docker-compose | Rancher | NGINX 

Database: PostgreSQL | Redis | MongoDB | MySQL 

Native: Flutter 

Had experience 

Google Cloud Platform | Linode | Amazon Web Services | DigitalOcean | Cloudflare | Kibana | Elasticsearch

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