Team of web developers and UI/UX designers


General Information

About Us:

We are a professional team of web developers from Ukraine.
We are engaged in the development of web solutions from scratch and provide services in UX / UI
design, front-end, back-end, technical support, graphic design and web consulting.
Our team has an extensive portfolio of various types of projects (web services, online stores,
corporate sites, advertising promo sites, custom hybrid projects).
Over the past three years, we have created websites for top Ukrainian companies. During this time,
we have developed reliable blanks for fashionable, functional, scalable corporate websites that have
a lifespan of more than five years.
We know how to work in established teams, we quickly join the project. We are in partnership with
a team of software engineers, fintech and business projects. We build interfaces for them and
provide front-end services on an ongoing basis.
Ready to share a letter of recommendation in case of interest in us.

Our specialists:

In our team:
2 Middle backend developers with 5+ years of development experience on Framework Laravel, each;
2 Middle front-end developers with 3+ years of experience, each (Vue.js, JS, jQuery);
2 UI/UX designers. Senior with 4+ years of experience and Middle with 2+ years of experience.
Also in our team there is an English-speaking Project and Account manager.
Our Team Lead has 8+ years of experience in developing and supervising projects.

Technology stack:


– Figma;
– ProtoPie;
– Adobe PhotoShop;
– Adobe Illustrator;
– Adobe After Effects;
– Prototyping.
– development of design systems
– use of ready-made design systems (for example, vuetify )


– JS, jQuery;
– Bootstrap;
– Vue.js;
– NPM / WebPack / Gulp;
– SVG Fonts / SVG Animations;


– CMS WordPress;
– PHP Framework Laravel;
– PHP Apps;
– MySQL;
– GIT/BitBucket;
– Amazon CDN;


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