Victor P.


General Information

Experience in training a team from scratch, skills in managing an Internet marketing team. Skills of
delegation of tasks between the department of the company and outsourcing companies. Successful
experience in performing tasks requiring operational solutions. I learn quickly and can teach. In everything
I love order. Actively use diplomacy in negotiations

Technologies and languages that I use when developing software / WEB services:
PHP, Python, C++, mySQL, SQLite, JSON, Linux, ООП.

Personal qualities:
Analytical mind, fast learner, responsible, purposeful, efficient, stress-resistant, fair, friendly. Demanding of
himself and others.


● Implementation of chat bots based on the Telegram API for business processes: a bot for accounting
for shipments of goods to customers on credit; bot for record and generate notifications about new
arrivals of goods from China; bot for posting and moderating messages in the community @allUBC
group; bot for communication between managers through a bot with a client.

● Improved quality of mobile Internet in the office due to the installation of additional equipment
(communication repeaters)
● Increase the volume of orders and goods on the site by more than 2.5 times over the past year
● Optimized the VPS server of our WEB sites so that TTFB is less than 3ms
● Implemented a system for parsing prices of competitors with collection in a Google table, which
reduced the time for monitoring prices by 3 times
● The number of illiquid goods has been reduced by more than 2 times
● Understood WEB development, WordPress engines, OpenCart and their functions, consolidated
knowledge in OOP, PHP, SQL

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