General Information

I created a team from scratch and raised specialists who worked for a
long time and enjoyed realizing their creative potential, as I personally
went through all the stages of growth and deeply understand the
needs and psychology of the developer.
I enjoy Mentoring. Glad to be helpful. We create Products and Launch
Startups. Iterative Modular Product Evolution Using Our Many
Components and Algorithms.

During this time, 350+ projects have been created for 39 brands:
– Testing Hypotheses
– Rapid Development MVP
– Promo Sites
– ERP System Automation of Production and Business Processes
– Mobile Applications
– Online Stores
– SaaS Services
– Casual Games


Crisis Management In Production
Using a Agile approach in an iterative model for building development processes:
Organizing design and production processes; making transformations in the processes of task
and resource management – from chaos to highly efficient well-coordinated work of each team

Building Development Processes From Scratch
The multi-level vision that was obtained in the creation of a large number of products allows me
to see the entire roadmap in advance and foresee risks
Energy Management Of Team Members
Understanding the psychotype of each team member and the volume of his perception of data
in tasks. Development of a list of tasks that is most suitable for the team, since each team is
unique and there is no universal algorithm – each needs an individual approach

Architecture And Design Documents Development
Creation of schemes and algorithms.
Visualisation of the relationship compositions in the product allows several people to perceive the
data model in the same way – this is the key to successful communication, which is necessary for
the development and enjoyment of it.

Development Patterns
Developing products of different types, a set of really working patterns of algorithms has been
formed that allow me to quickly solve complex problems


A huge amount of resources and time has been spent in achieving a
true understanding of the harmonious construction of the processes
of creating a product and its iterative evolution.

Organization of progress plan and RoadMap for development teams

Estimation of tasks/projects

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