Senior Machine Learning

-Ukrainian language proficiency
-Tech stack: Python, NLP (spaCy),
-Flask system experience would be an advantage,
-Machine Learning proven experience
-English proficiency (or Polish)
-Ready to engage full-time
-Ready to work remotely in European Time Zone
History of MasterMatch
-MVP ready
-Ready users base for Beta test
-European Restricted Trade Mark
-Cash flow (traction)
When contacting:
-please include URL link to your LinkedIn profile where we can see your professional background,
-please include the name or website of the AI project(s) you worked before,
-please be aware that we now offer a 1-month temporary contract to check if you fit the founders culture of working before we give you shares in the company (the same conditions applied to current cofounders). Future remuneration for founders is included in fund-raising needs.
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